Blue Ridge Parkway bridal photos — Ashleigh

Bride in dress with bouquet against lush green backdrop

An overcast day in the mountains near Wilkesboro made for beautiful bridal photos for Ashleigh


I shot Ashleigh’s bridal portraits back in April and have been dying to put them up on the blog, but because of that whole “the groom can’t see the dress until the wedding day thing” ; ) I couldn’t post them until now (if you haven’t seen their wedding photos, check out my post from Ashleigh’s and Josh’s beautiful North Wilkesboro wedding.)


Ashleigh chose to have the pictures taken in her hometown of Wilkesboro. We started off on her grandparents porch in the community of Big Ivy, which has a spectacular view of the Brushy and Blue Ridge mountains. Spring in the mountains is breathtaking, with all the lush beauty of the rhododendrons and mountain laurel (also known as ivy, hence the name of the community). Ashleigh is a mountain girl at heart, and the setting went perfect with her personality.


Spring weather in the mountains can be unpredictable and, sure enough, we had a strong chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Ashleigh really wanted to have pictures done on top of the Lump overlook, a special place for her and Josh, on the Blue Ridge Parkway not far from her grandparents house. We got up there and started shooting and had about 10 minutes before the bottom fell out of the sky. But, really, I’m glad the weather was that way because the blue haze and low clouds on the mountains in the distance add to the beauty of the photos and perfectly illustrate how the mountains got their name.


After the Lump — once the brief spring rain shower had rolled through — it was time for one more shot at the Big Ivy Baptist Church, right around the bend from the family homestead. I think the photos from the day turned out beautifully. Thanks to Ashleigh’s maid of honor Conley and bridesmaid Mariana for being there and assisting with the shoot. You guys helped out a lot!


Smiling bride against green foliage backdrop

An overcast day made for nice, soft light


Black and white classic portrait of bride

I love the classic feel of this photo in black and white


Bride in white dress poses with bouquet against lush green background

Ashleigh really stands out against the beautiful green background


Bride poses with flowers against beautiful mountain backdrop

The landscape of her grandparents yard made for a stunning backdrop


Black and white photo of bride in front of hedgerow

I love the light on this photo


Bride poses in white dress with old pickup truck

This is a fun photo -- Ashleigh poses with grandpa Benny's old blue GMC truck


Bride against cloudy mountain backdrop

The beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains


Bride on top of Blue Ridge Parkway mountain overlook

The Lump overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway is breathtaking


Back of bride's dress and veil against stormy skies

The green grass, dark skies, transparent veil and beautiful, soft light all come together to make one of my favorite photos of the shoot


Bride smiles as veil blows in the breeze

The rising wind made for fun pictures of Ashleigh's veil blowing in the wind


Bride adjusts veil as it flows in the wind

Ashleigh's Vogue-cover moment


Bride with red umbrella against mountain backdrop

While not really useful against Spring thunderstorms in the mountains, the red umbrella was a cool element in the photo


Bride sitting on stone church steps

One last photo on the old church steps