Duke Gardens and American Tobacco Campus engagement photos — Emily and Micah

Kissing fiancee's hand in Duke Gardens

These two are so awesome, right?


Emily and Micah knew each other as children, in Texas, but were separated at a young age; their fathers were in the military, and military life can keep you moving. But love knows no bounds and no separation of time, and years later, here they are — reconnected; in love; engaged to be married.


I enjoy engagement shoots with couples, because it gives you time to get to know each other, get comfortable with one another, and get some cool and fun pictures. Sometimes, it takes a little time to break the ice, but not with these two. I felt like old friends the minute we met, and I think the pictures reflect it. We met at Duke Gardens on a beautiful but crisp January day, with the beautiful late-afternoon winter light giving us a little bit of magic. The thing I love about Duke Gardens is that it is truly a year-round location for pictures: there is never a time when I can’t find a great place there to take pictures.


Then, we went down the road to the American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham, for a more urban look. I’ve strolled through before but have never done an engagement shoot there. I don’t know why: the place is awesome. There are so many different opportunities for photos there. I can’t wait to go back.


Emily and Micah were great, and even though they were freezing by the end (yes, the shoot was in January, but I’m just getting around to putting up the blog post; what can I say, it’s been busy!). They were troopers and put up with me as I kept suggesting just…one…more…picture. I think the pictures turned out great, and I hope you guys think the same. Thanks, guys. What a fun afternoon!


Engaged couple posing for picture on stone bridge

One way to give Emily a height advantage...


Engagement photo on pier next to lake with reflections

I haven't had a couple fall into the water yet **crossed fingers**


Sun peaking through the trees perfectly lights couple for engagement portrait

The bright Winter sun gave us some very nice light to work with


Sun sets behind couple during engagement photo

These guys had such fun during the session, which made the pictures turn out great


Posing on red bridge during engagement photos

She's the queen of the world!


Couple posing on bench for engagement photos

I love this spot at Duke Gardens. Always great photos there


Kissing his fiancee's nose for funny moment during engagement shoot

What goofballs; love it!


Couple poses in pagoda in garden for engagement shoot

"Hey over there..."


Posing in a bamboo forest as the sun sets for engagement photos

I love this one; love the look on her face


Urban setting for engagement photos on brick sidewalk

Work it, Emily...


Couple in urban setting with brick buildings for engagement photo

Gotta give Micah time to shine


Couple kisses in front of waterfall during engagement portrait session

Beautiful setting for photos


Couple hugging in front of waterfall during engagement photos

The look says it all


Couple posing in front of brick wall during urban engagement photos

These guys were just natural posers


Couple dancing next to brick wall during engagement photos

Having some fun...


Couple shares a hug against an urban cityscape during engagement photos

So many nice graphical elements for photos at American Tobacco Campus...oh, and the couple's not too shabby, either


Couple poses on rock in stream during engagement photos

Guys, here's your magazine cover...


Couple silhouetted against setting sun in urban engagement photo

The sun sets on an awesome engagement session


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