Duke Gardens family photos — Mandy, Mike, Dylan and Ethan

Family clowns around during photos

Having some fun during their portrait shoot


Mandy and Mike are having their wedding in Jamaica (lucky them!), but they chose to have their engagement photos at one of my favorite places to shoot pictures: Duke Gardens. There are so many pretty locations there that I always try to find some place new and different that I haven’t shot before. The shoot also doubled as family picture time, as we snuck Dylan and Ethan into some of the photos. Even though the day was pretty humid for late September, we all had a good time and got some really good pictures. Now, if I could only convince them to take me along to Jamaica…


Family gets close together for sweet picture

Everyone squeeze in tight!


Family has group hug in photo

Aren't they awesome?


Couple shares a sweet moment in beautiful setting

What are you guys thinking about?


Couple kisses under the canopy of a tree

What a great couple these guys are


Couple poses against beautiful green background

Beautiful couple; beautiful setting


Couple sits on steps in beautiful, green outdoor setting

I love this setting; it makes for such great photos!


Couple poses in beautiful, outdoor garden setting

You guys rock!


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