Duke Gardens Spring engagement photos — Kim and Todd

Couple pose in scenic botanical garden for engagement photo

Kim and Todd enjoy the beautiful late-afternoon splendor at Duke Gardens


I take engagement photos at many different locations in the Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill area, but none more so than Duke Gardens in Durham. While I love getting to explore different locations and find new, beautiful places to take pictures, I never mind when a couple requests Duke Gardens because there are so many beautiful settings around the gardens. Each time I go, I can find a new place for pictures that I haven’t thought of before.


Kim and Todd are self-described outdoorsy people, so I knew when they asked for their session to be at Duke Gardens, it was the right choice for them. Engagement sessions are great, because they give me the chance to really get to know the couple, and for the couple to become comfortable with me and with being in front of the camera. Kim cautioned me ahead of time that Todd maybe a little camera-shy, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all. From beginning to end, these guys were easy and relaxed, and I felt like I was photographing old friends rather than new acquaintances; I think the photos bear me out. I’m looking forward to their wedding in September at The Rigmor House in Chapel Hill.


Couple poses for engagement photo in beautiful garden backdrop

These guys were so sweet together


Engaged couple in botanical garden for engagement photos

Looking good...


Couple engagement photo in front of Japanese tea garden

Love these doors


Engaged couple poses in green grassy setting for photo

Check out this grass; it's as tall as them! How cool


Smiling couple lying in the clover

I love this; they certainly complete each other


Couple lying in the clover, sharing a laugh

I love the affection here, and the flowering clover makes such a great backdrop


Black and white photo of couple lying in field of clover

The black and white almost makes the clover look like a field of cotton; love the effect


Closeup of engaged couple against green background

See, Todd doesn't look too camera-shy, does he?


Couple gets close in engagement photo

Time for your closeup, Kim. Wow...


Beau picks up fiancee for engagement photo

Todd sweeps Kim off her feet. Literally


Beau sweeps fiancee off her feet

Ok, guys, here's your romance novel cover...


Couple sitting on bench in alcove for engagement photo

Love this little alcove; great spot for pictures


Black and white portrait of engaged couple

You guys are just so natural together


Closeup on engaged couple at botanical garden

Very nice, guys...


Engaged couple shares moment in beautiful garden setting

Love the pose; just don't let her fall, Todd


Engaged couple save-the-date photo

So, when are your guys getting married again? Oh, never mind...


Couple kiss as they are reflected in lake

I love this: fun, quirky and cool


Couple sitting on bridge holding hands during engagement session

I love this bridge; such a neat setting for photos


Couple sits by lake and watches ducks swim by

Check out the little ducklings! Next time, I'll remember bread


Couple sits by lake in the twilight for engagement photo

This little zig-zag bridge by the lake is marvelous for photos


Black and white photo of engaged couple by lake

I love the connection these two share


Couple kisses on red bridge at Duke Gardens

No Duke Gardens session is complete without the red bridge


Thanks for the afternoon, guys. I had a lot of fun getting to know you better. I’m looking forward to the wedding.


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