Durham quinceanera photography — Maimunah

Beautiful blue quinceanera gown

Looking beautiful in her gown


I recently had the honor of photographing a quinceanera, a coming of age celebration for a 15-year-old girl in the Latin American community. I had never photographed a quinceanera before, so I didn’t know quite what to expect, but I was eager and excited. When I showed up at Maimunah’s house in Durham the week prior to the event, to shoot some portraits of her, I was floored by the beauty and intricacy of her gown.

The quinceanera party itself was held at Carmen’s Cuban Cafe in Morrisville. After a beautiful ceremony celebrating Maimunah’s coming of age, and the wonderful Cuban food, the party really got hopping under the flashing lights and pulsating music. What a party! I’m so glad I got to be a part of this wonderful quinceanera experience. Congratulations to Maimunah and her family!


Posing for portrait in quinceanera gown

What a stunning dress!


Bouquet of flowers for quinceanera

Pretty floral arrangement


Close-up shot of quinceanera shoes

Dancing shoes


Girl makes entrance to quinceanera with father

Maimunah enters with dad, Mosi


Family member honor quinceanera girl

Getting honored by the family


Mother places crown on quinceanera girl's head

Mother, Maisha, places the tiara on Maimunah's head


Embroidered quinceanera pillow

Mis 15 Anos


Three-tier quinceanera cake

Beautiful, three-tier cake


Quinceanera girl dancing with friends

Munah takes a whirl around the floor


Quinceanera girl shares moment with mother

Maimunah and Maisha share a quiet moment during the celebration


Quinceanera girl dances with father

Maimunah and Mosi dance to "Stand By Me"


Step routine at quinceanera celebration

The guys treat the crowd to a step routine


Dancing during quinceanera

The party starts to get wild


Quinceanera girl dances with little relative

Everyone gets in on the dancing


Mother and daughter cut quinceanera cake

Time to cut the cake


Group quinceanera photo with friends

Great group of friends


Group photo of friends during quinceanera

Another shot of the group


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