NC Museum of Art Spring engagement photos – Nguyet and Allen

Black and white portrait of couple kissing under Gyre art sculpture

Nguyet and Allen share a romantic moment under the Gyre in Museum Park


The NC Museum of Art in Raleigh is on my list of places I’ve been meaning to visit but just never have. So, I was really happy when Nguyet and Allen suggested the museum for engagement photos. Allen proposed to Nguyet in Museum Park, so of course it is special to them. It’s always great when a couple chooses a special location for engagement photos; I think the pictures mean so much more to them that way.


I usually like to do late afternoon portrait sessions; I just think the light is so much better at that time of day for natural light photography. However, we shot these pictures mid-morning, and I think the strong light ended up making some very dramatic photos. Nguyet and Allen were very relaxed and joking around, which always makes the pictures easy and fun. I can’t wait to get back to the NC Museum of Art for more photos, and I’m looking forward to Nguyet’s and Allen’s wedding in September.


Couple poses under metal tree sculpture for engagement photo

This metal tree sculpture is pretty neat


Couple poses between glass walls at art museum

The light coming from these walls was awesome!


Woman with purple scarf poses with fiancé for engagement photo

Nguyet, you look gorgeous


Man in blue shirt poses with fiancee for engagement photo

Looking good, Allen


Couple shares a glance during engagement photo at art museum

Looks like these two like each other


Black and white picture of couple sharing glance during engagement photos

You two have such a great connection


Couples engagement photo at museum of art

The light from the walls in this alcove makes them look great


Couple stands in front of aluminum walls at museum

Love these aluminum walls on the outside of the museum


Couple standing in front of aluminum walls at art museum

Love the space in this photo


Couple kisses in front of aluminum wall at NC Museum of Art

One of my favorites; these guys were so fun to work with


Couple leans against aluminum walls at NC Museum of Art during engagement photos

He can't take his eyes off you, Nguyet


Kissing couple reflected in pond with art sculptures at NC museum

The reflecting pond was really neat; made for a fun picture


Engagement photo with sculptures and bamboo at art museum

The bamboo and sculptures in this courtyard were really cool


Couple poses in courtyard at NC Museum of Art for engagement photo

Love all the elements of this photo


Couple poses with modern art sculptures for NC engagement photos

These black modern art monoliths gave nice light from one side and nice reflections from the other


Black and white engagement photo in pavilion at NC Museum of Art

This is where Allen proposed; a little re-enactment of the moment


Couple talks in pavilion at museum of art in NC

The lines and the soft light filtering through made this a neat photo


Couple talking to each other in pavilion during engagement photos

I thought the pattern shooting through the pavilion walls made for a neat effect


Couple shares a laugh in grassy meadow at NC Museum of Art

I love when couples get so used to me being around, the pictures look like I wasn't even there. This is one of those moments


Couple walks through the Gyre at NC Museum of Art in Raleigh

The Gyre gives a neat sensation of motion when viewed a certain way


Couple kisses under Gyre structure at NC Museum of Art

Such a wonderful couple


Couple laughs as the wind blows the grass around them in photo

Literally the last photo. The wind picked up and great this fun windblown moment


There’s more pictures and photo sessions from the Raleigh area and all around North Carolina and beyond on my blog. Be sure to check it out.