Raleigh’s historic Yates Mill Pond engagement session — Lauren and Patrick

Sun sets on couple near historic Yates Mill in Raleigh

Lauren and Patrick with the historic Yates Mill in the background

I’ve seen many pictures from historic Yates Mill Pond Park in Raleigh, but I hadn’t yet visited or taken pictures there. So, I was really excited when Lauren and Patrick suggested having their engagement session there. I met them at the Wedding Show in Raleigh in January, and I was excited to get to know them better.

We chose a twilight start time, and we certainly hit the park at a beautiful time of day. The sun was setting behind Yates Mill and provided some beautiful light, and the post-sunset colors reflecting off the lake were beautiful. It’s neat that water-powered Yates Mill, which served as a gristmill for Wake County for 200 years, is still in working order. There are so many trails and areas we didn’t get to explore because it starred to get dark on us; I can’t wait to go back to Yates Mill Park again.

Lauren and Patrick, I had fun getting to know you during the shoot. I can’t wait for the wedding in October.

Couple sitting on bench in park near lake

Getting cozy


Black and white couples portrait in historic Raleigh park

Very nice, Patrick


Black and white couples photo in historic Raleigh park

Beautiful, Lauren


Couple posing on stone path near wooden gate and green bushes

I love the rustic feel of this path


Couple standing on stone path in historic park as sun sets

What great chemistry between these two


Couple on stone path in historic Raleigh park embraces as sun sets

What are you guys thinking about?


Couple stands in front of historic Raleigh gristmill for engagement photo

Love that mill; it’s so cool


Setting sun illuminates couple in front of historic Raleigh gristmill

The setting sun gave some really nice light


Couple setting on stone wall in Raleigh park framed yellow flowers

These flowers were next to a wall in the parking lot! They looked awesome


Couple in embrace surrounded by yellow flowers in bloom

I love how they’re surrounded by the flowers


Woman smiles at fiancé while holding his faces in her hands

Maybe my favorite from the shoot; love the feeling between them


Sun setting through the trees on couple standing on bridge over lake in Raleigh park

The light on this one is fabulous (Lauren and Patrick aren’t too shabby, either)


Closeup picture of couple during engagement shoot in Raleigh park

Nice closeup


Reflections off lake as couple poses at sunset in Raleigh park

How great you two look, and what awesome reflections on the lake; love this photo


Black and white picture of couple hugging on bridge over lake at sunset

Last one; love all the elements of this one


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