Southern Bridal Show & Expo, Raleigh, NC, 17 April 2011

Bridal and wedding show booth, Raleigh NC

My booth at The Southern Bridal Show & Expo in Raleigh


This past weekend, I had a display at the Southern Bridal Show & Expo at the N.C. State Fairgrounds in Raleigh. I’ve never participated in a trade show before, so I wanted to make sure that I put together a nice display without breaking the bank. The idea was to have a nice backdrop to meet potential brides and grooms and gain some insight about what I might do for my next show.


The booth I got was a 10×10 space. Since I didn’t even decide to enter the show until late March, I had less than a month to put everything together. I did some searches on the internet to see what other photographers did for their booths and ran across some very cool (but involved) looking displays. With my busy schedule (and less than stellar construction skills) I decided my best option was to head down to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Durham to see if I could find some leftover treasures I could polish up and reuse.


I ended up going with some old, shuttered closet doors which I painted and fastened together to make my background.


Bridal show booth items

The makings of a bridal booth display


The closet doors, coffee table, lamp and bench (not shown above) were all purchased at the ReStore.


Here’s a picture after just the backdrop of the doors was assembled and in place:


Backdrop for my bridal booth

Starting to take shape


The little black things on the doors is velcro. I used it to mount and secure the pictures, rather than putting in nails and hanging them. I thought it would be easier to reposition pictures if I changed my mind at the last moment. The doors themselves I attached to each other with metal plates and secured and anchored with a 2×10 board. The hardware (angles, plates, screws, etc.) and the display lights are the only things I bought new.


Here it is, all done except for the albums and cards which were set out on the tables:


Bridal booth all put together

The final layout of the booth


Here’s a closer view of the backdrop, with the pictures mounted:


Backdrop for my bridal booth

A closer view of the backdrop


My wife, Erica, helped me out out the show. Here she is, inviting brides and grooms to take a closer look:


Erica invites people in to check out the booth

Erica says, " Come on in and check us out!"


So, for a first time out, I’m happy with the way things looked. I want to thank all the brides, grooms and parents who stopped by. We enjoyed meeting everyone and hope you like what we had to show you.

  • Great!! This gives me ideas for my booth! 🙂 How did you do the seating arrangement? That looks great and I guess easy to dismantle! 

    • Rahul Rathi

       Also, where did you get the lights! Are they clip on?

      • admin

        Hey Rahul,

        Thanks for the comments. I’m still using this set up, and it’s working great for me. I have changed a couple of things:

        –I have switched the bench and the table in the back, so now the seating area is at the back of the booth, next to the shutters, and the banquet table is on the far left, longways, as you enter the booth. I think this works better for couples that want to sit down and take time looking through my albums.

        –Instead of many smaller pictures on the shutters, I now have three big pictures on the shutters. I think it’s easier to see as you approach the booth, and the three big pictures are just more eye catching.

        The lights are just clip-on lights that I got at a hardware store for $7 apiece. I was originally looking for some sort of LED lighting, or something that I could put behind the shutters to create a sort of glow, but the clip-on lights have worked fine.

        I still eventually would like to have a more paneled look, built on a Hollywood set flat type of construction, but this booth was very inexpensive to put together and has worked well for me so far.

        Hope this helps, and good luck with your booth!