Wrightsville Beach Spring engagement photos — Adrienne and Chip

Couple sitting in sand on NC beach as sunset sets

Adrienne and Chip watch the sun going down


I love to take pictures; I love the beach. That makes taking pictures at the beach something I REALLY love. So I was excited when Adrienne and Chip told me they wanted to have their engagement session at Wrightsville Beach. These guys really love the beach, too, and they’re even having their wedding in Wilmington next April, so they knew photos on the beach would be more meaningful for them than any other location. We decided on an afternoon shoot, with the hopes of doing downtown Wilmington, then going over to the beach for sunset.


The day of the shoot I wok up to clouds and rain in the Raleigh area. I talked with Adrienne and we were both worried about the weather, but I knew that things change quickly at the beach. To make things easier, though, we decided to skip the downtown pictures and just focus on Wrightsville. The drive down was cloudy, cloudy, cloudy…then, about an hour out, the clouds started to break, and the sun started popping through. By the time I got over to the the south end of Wrightsville Beach, we had our perfect weather, and the pictures turned out great.


Thanks, guys. I’m excited for the wedding next April.


Couple on Wrightsville Beach boardwalk for engagement photo

Love the casual nature of beach shoots; so much fun


Black and white couple in beach engagement photo

Even in black and white, the dune grass waving in the wind still looks so cool


Couple on Wrightsville Beach boardwalk for engagement photo

Looking good, Adrienne


Couple shares a look during beach engagement photo

You can really fell the connection with these guys


Sunset silhouette couple during Wrightsville Beach engagement photos

A beautiful pre-sunset silhouette picture


Silhouetted engagement couple on Wrightsville Beach

Doesn't every kiss contain a little bit of sunshine?


Couple standing in the surf on Wrightsville Beach for engagement photo

Love the soft light of the twilight beach


Couple hugs on beach during engagement photo



Couple standing in the surf for black and white beach engagement photo

Love this pic of you guys


Beach portrait in the sand with waves behind

You look fabulous, Adrienne


Beach portrait in the sand with waves and surf behind

Very dapper, Chip


Couple silhouetted against the sunset on Wrightsville Beach

...and the romance novel cover


Silhouetted couple jumping in air as sun sets at Wrightsville Beach

Who doesn't get excited by a beautiful sunset?


Sunset behind couple embracing on Wrightsville Beach

This is one of my favorites; love all the elements here


Couple makes hearts with hands to frame setting sun at beach

I can't claim credit for the idea; that was Adrienne. But, I love the outcome; so fun


Sunset and clouds with beautiful colors at Wrightsville Beach

The clouds made the sunset that much prettier


Couple walks along Wrightsville Beach at sunset with colorful clouds behind them

Last photo of the session, and my favorite


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