Wrightsville Beach sunset engagement photos — Emily and Matt

Couple on beach at sunset in ocean surf

A beautiful couple in a beautiful beach setting


Emily and Matt are both from Ohio. They met in high school, went to different colleges in Ohio and are now in the Triangle area while Matt is in grad school at UNC. A few weeks ago, Matt proposed, and they knew they wanted to get engagement photos some place special, some place beautiful, some place memorable. Why not the beach at sunset?


We met at Wrightsville Beach near Wilmington in the late afternoon on a beautiful, clear Sunday. Despite the great light and beautiful surroundings, it was cold. 55 degrees doesn’t sound that bad, but with the ocean wind whipping, it can get a bit nippy, and when the sun goes down, those temps drop fast. Despite being frozen in a sundress, Emily was a trooper, and I think the photos show. We captured some great moments on the wide, flat sand of Wrightsville and, as the sun went down, were able to snap some great postcard pictures. Congrats, Emily and Matt. I had fun working with you guys!


Couple poses under pier at sunset on beach

Hanging out under Johnnie Mercer's Pier


Engagement photo under Johnnie Mercer's Pier

All the colors in this photo really make it pop


Nice black and white portrait of couple on beach

All the contrast made the black and white turn out great


Couple looking out over the ocean

Matt tries to warm Emily up a little


Couple gazes out over the ocean in engagement photo

I love the light on this photo and the smiles on their faces


Couples walks along the beach in the crashing waves

Taking a stroll through the surf


Girl hops into fiance's arms in the surf on the beach

This reminds me of the scene from a movie


Beautiful couple photo on the beach at sunset

As the sun goes down, the colors just get so warm and beautiful in the photos


Beautiful black and white engagement photo on beach

I love this photo! You guys rock


Sandy feet on the beach for engagement photos

I thought this was a little fun and different


Loving couple gazes into each others eyes during engagement photo

This one was hard to work with the light, but I like the way it turned out


Sunset engagement photo on beach

I love the nice, warm light on this one, contrasted with the cool shadows


Couple strolls hand in hand on beach at sunset

Love the little pockets of light you get at sunset on the beach


Couple stands on the beach at sunset as the surf crashes around them

This is your movie poster; you guys could be in the movies!


A couple kisses on the beach at sunset

When a couple gets comfortable with me, like I'm not even there, the pictures are even more fabulous


Couple in silhouette kisses in the surf

Movie poster number two


Couple kisses in ocean surf against backdrop of setting sun

Probably my favorite photo of the shoot


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